There is music
playing in my
head all the time.
Anastasia Rusnak, 6 yo
Anastasia has been with MAGIC CASTLE from its very start. Here she learned to draw and cook, make fancy hairstyles and write Chinese characters. She plays football with British Football School and is working to improve her swimming and horse-riding skills. If need be Anastasia can show you some karate skills that she has just learned. Singing and piano are her favourite classes. Anastasia likes to improvise and make up song lyrics. She is also a great stylist and is always is charge of Lollipops costumes.
I just want to be myself.

Anastasia Rusnak
I am glad that Anastasia does singing. Her success at singing helps her in other areas of life.
Anastasia's mother
singing + choreography + piano + English + French + Spanish + Chinese + gymnastics + swimming + chess + horse-riding + woodwork + woodwork + math&logic + arts + karate + football

Anastasia Rusnak

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