I want to try
skating and singing
at the same time.
Alice Trifonova, 6 yo
Alice came to MAGIC CASTLE when she was 2 years old. She is very hard-wroking and gentle. Two years ago she joined Olympic skating school after doing skating at MAGIC CASTLE for a year.
Alice loves doing arts in our Arts School, playing the piano and the recorder. In the little time left she does French.
Alice has been singing for just a year but last year she took first places in a few singing contests.
People like it that I am sincere and artistic on the stage.

Alice Trifonova
Alice has two shelves for awards - one is for skating and the other is for singing. Both shelves are getting full now.

Alice's mother
alice's talent academy
singing + piano + choreography + figure skating + arts + swimming + woodwrok + math&logic + English + French + Russian

Alice Trifonova

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