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Lollipops Band sing covers of the top performers of music charts as well as their own songs. We love mixing and making mash-ups of the old hits and the best new songs by Imagine Dragons, Sia, Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and many others.

You can download these MP3 songs and covers of top hits on our site right now. Remember to watch the videos for all these songs on Lollipops Band Youtube channel (link).

Download our original cover of Believer by Imagine Dragons or Sia Titanum cover, enjoy our original Imagine Dragons Thunder car cover where most of the music is made by various parts of a car!

To warm your heart listen to our Smile cover – a classic song performed by Barbara Streisand.

Don't miss our spooky Suicide Squad - You Don't Own Me and Eminen/Rihanna Monster covers! They will put you in the right mood, especially if you are going through a difficult relationship. Bird Set Free by Sia cover and Je T'Aime by Lara Fabian will support the mood.

On a pleasant note – we sing a range of Christmas songs from Let is Snow to Do you want to build a Snowman? from a famous Frozen cartoon.

Feeling confident and strong? Here comes Sia Unstoppable cover and Katy Perry with Firework – full of energy and drive!