LOLLIPOPS BAND Singing School — is a voice and dance academy where your dreams come true! If you are from 3 to 14 years old and you want to sing – Lollipops Band Singing School is your chance to sing on a big stage, make cool song videos, write and perform your own songs, participate in exciting projects.
If you are learning to sing our teachers – some of the best in Russia – will prepare you for Voice. Kids, New Wave and a range of other singing projects and competitions.
Lollipops Band music academy gives you a chance to play a range of musical instruments of your choice – the piano, the guitar, the ukulele, the drums or the recorder. You can even become a DJ or learn to make music with just your voice in our beatbox classes.
Choreography is an integral part of our singers routine. We dance in different styles, explore movements and stay in good shape. We are proud of our dancing teams that win national an international competitions.
Lollipops Band Youtube channel has a weekly release of new song and vlog videos. Sign up and do not miss any of our great videos!
Lollipops Band are happy to be part of holidays and celebrations. Our professional team is ready to create an unforgettable experience for your important occasion!
Download MP3 of our songs you can here.

More videos on our Youtube channel!

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Lollipops Band Singing School in Moscow is a world of opportunities for every child. Singing on the stage, being confident performing in front of a big audience, creating your own songs, playing musical instruments – all of this and much more are part of the unique Lollipops Band experience.

Most children love music. Moving to and listening to music creates a colourful and exciting magic world for a growing child. From a very early age children want to tap the rhythm, improvise with sounds and all kinds of musical instruments – conventional or not. This way their musical ear and taste grow and develop.

From the age of 3 years old you can start more dedicated singing classes. Lollipops Band Singing School teachers are among the best in Russia. They guarantee professional singing instruction from very early on and an outstanding result in a few years. Every year Lollipops Band Singing school students perform in prestigious projects such as Voice. Kids and New Wave.

Several times a year we organize interactive family events in the most beautiful concert venues where Lollipops Band students are invited to perform.

Our singing school in Moscow it is not just singing classes. We do acting and professional modern dance. Our dancing teams regularly win national and international dancing competitions. We learn a variety of modern styles, do acrobatics and gymnastics as part of our course.

Playing musical instruments is an indispensable part of musical development. Our children can choose any instrument from the piano to the drums. Learning to play a musical instrument is always accompanied by solfeggio classes.

A new and fast-growing direction of children's creativity is song writing. Children are involved in creating the tunes, beats and lyrics for their own songs that they then perform on stage.

Lollipops Band Singing School is a great path to a confident, creative, happy and enthusiastic child!